Minnesota Quilt Project

Our current understanding of the rich history of quilting in Minnesota is largely due to the Minnesota Quilt Project (MQP).  MQP participants conducted Quilt Discovery Days at various cities and towns throughout Minnesota in the late 1980's and 1990's.  Some of those quilts were featured in the book “Minnesota Quilts: Creating Connections with Our Past”.  MQP has continued to document quilts for individuals and for public institutions; more than 4000 quilts have been documented.  The documentation information has been made available on the public database “The Quilt Index” based at Michigan State University. 

The Minnesota Quilt Project is a standing committee of Minnesota Quilters, Inc. that reports to the Minnesota Quilters' Board of Directors.   Leadership of the MQP committee is determined each year by MQP participants.   Any MQ member is welcome to take part in MQP meetings and activities.   Meetings are usually held at 9:00 am in the Bill Wilson room, before the Saturday MQ meeting.  Contact mqp@mnquilt.org

MQP participants are quilt lovers who are interested in one, some, or all of the following: 

  • Preserving quilts and quilt history
  • Understanding the historical significance of quilts
  • Learning about the fabrics, tools, and methods used in quilt making
  • Collecting and preserving the stories of quilt makers yesterday and today

MQP Mission Statement:  Preserve the Past; Understand the Present; Create for the Future

MQP Goals and Projects:

  • Identify and document quilts that have a Minnesota connection (quilt documentation)
  • Preserve photographs and information that MQP has collected (maintain documentation records)
  • Make our collected data available to interested parties (transfer information to The Quilt Index; post information on MQP website; facilitate review of documentation records by interested persons)
  • Disseminate information on the history of quilt making and quilt makers (MQP booth at the MQ show)
  • Collect and share the stories of Minnesota quilters  (“Remember Me” stories in the MQ newsletter and website)

MQP has reproduced this antique Chimney Sweep quilt.

Click here to read how the quilt's history was researched and to view individual blocks.


Updated 27 August, 2017