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From the May 2014 Meeting, At the Heart Of Quilting handout on
"How to Prepare your Quilt for the Longarm Quilter"


Bonnie Ellis, one of MQ's founding mothers, and her husband Ken talk about creativity:

Bonnie Ellis Video!

From the November 2013 Meeting, Nancy Sims notes on Copyright.

Click here for Fair Use Overview Handout.

Click here for the Quilts and Copyright Handout.

How to attach a sleeve to your quilt


Holiday Stocking

Click for pattern. This is the pattern for the stockings members make every year that are given to the St. Josephs Home for Children.  They are due at the December Holiday Luncheon. The pattern prints on five 8.5 x 11" sheets of paper. One is the instructions and the other 4 get taped together to form the stocking pattern.

Updated 6 May, 2017