Board of Directors

MQ Board Overview

The Minnesota Quilters, Inc. Board of Directors consists of nine positions. Board positions are two-year terms, with the officers' terms staggered to provide continuity.  For those positions that are shared, the position is allowed only a single vote.

New board members are elected at our annual meeting in June and take office at the beginning of our fiscal year, October 1.

Board meetings are held the fourth Tuesday evening of the month and conducted in Classroom A (near the MQ office). The meetings are open to members.


Board of Directors 2013-2014 and Responsibilities


Co-Presidents: Kathie Simon Frank and Patricia Von Arx (

Employee Supervision: 

  • Administrative Assistant: Debra Svedberg (
  • Bookkeeper: Linda Wines (
  • Show Director: Linda Wines (


    • 2014 Show Co-Chairs:Loo Roos & Laura Nagel (
  • Minnesota Quilt Project: Pat Cox and Carolyn Silflow (

Treasurer : Kathy Faust   (

Standing Committee:

Finance Committee:


President Elect

Past President


President Elect : Bonnie Ellis (


  • Grants

Secretary : Jill Schultz (

Education Co-Directors : Kate Eelkema and Sharon Peterson (

Special Committees:

  • Block of the Month: Jeanne LaMoore & Wynn Martin (
  • Day Meeting Coordinator: Loretta Stone & Barbara Jackson (
  • Evening Meeting Coordinator:  Sue Sandager & Kathryn Carver (
  • Historian: Martha Eaves & Hannah Kaytonah (
  • Library:  Martha Eaves (
  • Fall Getaway: Ellen Carter & Mary Lueders  (
  • Holiday Brunch: (
  • Quilting for Others: Pam Plocek  (

Communications Co-Directors : Pat Curtner and Kathy Brevig (

Special Committees:

  • CVent Oversight:  Karen Kopitzke
  • Social Media:  Sharon Peterson (
  • Newsletter: Mary Manns (
  • Public Relations: (
  • State Fair Booth:  Gail Keiper (
  • Textile Center Liaison:  Kathy Simon Frank & Melissa Nellis
  • Website:  Karen Knoll and and June Hoffa (

Membership Co-Directors : Gail Hanson & Anne McCandless (

Special Committees:

  • Day Membership Coordinators: Lynnette Wass & Kay Genelin (
  • Evening Membership Coordinator: Mary Wiebusch & Cheri Hand (
  • Business Membership Coordinator: (
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  Nancy Hall & Cathy Goset (

Operations Directors:Kathleen Winters & June Kolodzieski (


Past President : Laura Nagel  (

Standing Committee:

  • Nominating Committee



MQ Board Meeting Minutes


MQ Board Manual

Click here to view the Minnesota Quilters, Inc. board manual

CVent Current Contract and Explanation of Charges

Click here to view the current contract with CVent expiring 8/26/2013.

Click here to view the explanation of costs submitted by Karen Kopitzke on April 16, 2012.